Smart Cart 380mAH Green Vape Battery With USB Charger


The SmartCart pen is a vape pen battery for dab carts and matches the appearance and format of the Smart Cart vape cartridges. Along with a capacity of 380mAh, the Smart Cart pen battery for cart features preheat mode and variable voltage with three power level options. Moreover, unlike different vape pen batteries, the SmartCat pen recharges with a convenient pass-through Micro-USB charger.

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Model: SmartCart Pen Battery
Connections: 51O Thread [Push Pin]
Capacity: 38OmAh
Variable Voltage: 2.5V Bluelight | 3.5V Whitelight | 4.OV Redlight
Operation: Single-Button
3-Clicks: Changes Voltage
2-Clicks: Preheat Mode 0n [To Cancel Click 0nce]
5-Clicks: Turning 0n/0ff
Safety Features
Short Circuit Protection
0vertime Protection
0ver-Discharge Protection
0vercharge Protection
Charging Requirements
Charge Method: AC/USB Max 5.0V/0.5A
Charging: Micro-USB [Optional: 510 USB Charger]
Length: 89.1mm
Diameter: 11.1mm
Weight: 19.5g
Smart Cart Battery Includes:
1x SmartCart Pen Battery
1x Micro-USB Charging Cable


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