Rand M Vape Squid Box Disposable Vape Device Wholesale (5200 Puffs)


Rand M vape Squid Box 5200 2% /5% is a disposable electronic cigarette. The model has a capacity of 12 ml and a battery of 1000mah. Designed for 5200 puffs, perfectly conveys the taste. The Squid Box is perfect for those who are looking for a compact e-cigarette with enough puffs and rich taste.

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Specifications Rand M Vape Squid Box 5200 :

Nicotine: 2%/5%
Puffs: 5200
Capacity: 12ml
mesh coil
20 flavors – Coming soon…
Battery: 1000mah

Rand M Squid Box Flavors:

1. Strawberry Kiwi
2. Blueberry ice
3. Lush ice
4. Cotton candy
5. Mixed berries
6. Banana ice
7. Strawberry Lychee
9. Aloe Grapes
10. Peach Mango
11. Ice cream with honeydew
12. Strawberry Banana
13. Tobacco cream
14. Fruity Hawaii
15. Marmalade drop
16. Big Bang Fruit
17. Coffee pump
18. Tropical punch
19. Powerful bull
20. Grapefruit ice


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