Original Bang Box 15000 Puffs Vape


Bang Box 15000 is a vape with battery level display and rechargeable ejuice. You can choose between 12 flavors. The battery and juice display allows you to monitor the status of your device in real time and is also equipped with a Type-C charging port at the bottom of the device to ensure you get every last drop of e-juice into the tank times.

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Bang Box 15000 Disposable Device Features:

☑0/2/3/5% Nicotine Salt.
☑25ML of E-liquid.
☑15000 Puffs per Device.
☑Battery and Ejuice Display
☑Battery Rechargeable
☑Integrated 650mAh Battery.
☑12 Flavors Available.
☑10pcs in a display box.
☑200pcs in a carton.

Flavors Available:

(You can leave a message which flavor you want on the page when you pay, or contact us.)

1.Blueberry Raspberry
2.Strawberry Watermelon
3.Strawberry Banana
4.Raspberry Sour Apple
5.Grape Jelly
6.Mixed Berry
7.Strawberry Grape
8.Watermelon ice
9.Cherry Cola
10.Mango On ice
11.Strawberry Kiwi
12.Blueberry Strawberry


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