BBTANK G530 All Glass Rechargeable 320mAh 0.5ml 1.0ml Disposable Vape Pen


Capacity: 0.5ml/1.0ml/0.3ml/0.8ml
Oil Intake Hole Size: 2.0mm
OEM/ODM:Highly Supported
Battery Capacity:320mAh
Key Words:All-Glass Vape

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BBTANK G530 All Glass vape pen features:

1. Breakthrough BBgear ceramic coil technology:

Award winning newest 4th generation BBgear ceramic coil, suitable for wide range of oil viscosities. BBTANK vape, sim pod with rechargeable battery.

2. Customized window available:

On both sides, custom different window shape available, convenient see oil level inside.

3. Charming LED Light Indicator:

When the pod is in use state,the built-in LED light will be turned on/off automatically to mimic real smoking.

4. Different colors available:

Custom pod in different colors available.

5. Micro USB

With micro usb charging port built in the sim pod bottom, vaping your oil till the last drop, 100% without worry on battery die before oil finish.

6. Palm size pod, ultra slim. Take to go, enjoy sim pod anytime, anywhere.


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