Bang Box BC9000 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape


The Bang Box BC9000 has the smallest size electronic cigarette device and the longest battery life. Its consistent taste is a unique characteristic that distinguishes it from other products.

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In order to provide every user with the best products and services, Bang BOX 9000 has been conducting in-depth market research and prioritizing real-time user needs. Most electronic product users pursue an extremely lightweight and powerful user experience, while the large capacity atomized products on the market are often too large, thick, bulky to carry, and are mostly trendy and playable, making them more suitable for daily entertainment.

Bang Box BC9000 Specification:

Puffs: UP to 9000 puffs
Liquid: 14 ml pre-filled e-liquid cartridge
Nicotine: 0/2/3/5%Nicotine Salt
650mAh battery
Mesh Coil
Type-c rechargecable
10 Flavors Available
Size : 42*40.5*29.5mm

Bang Box 9000 Flavors:

1) Mexican Mango Ice
2) Triple Berry Ice
3) Strawberry Watermelon
4) Watermelon Ice
5) Blue Razz Ice
6) Tropical Fruit
7) Aloe Grape
8) Peach Ice
9) Strawberry Ice Cream
10) Gummy bear


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