Are E-cigarettes Really Harmful?

Everyone is familiar with the dangers of cigarettes, but if I told you that there is a cigarette that is fruity, healthy and stylish, would you still refuse it?If you want to try e-cigarettes, or if there are people around you who are vaping, let’s find out together.

The appearance of electronic cigarettes is relatively changeable, such as pens, U disks, etc. After several generations of updates, the appearance is more suitable for the aesthetics of young people. It is mainly composed of lithium batteries and pod atomizers containing e-liquid.The atomizer is heated by electricity, and the liquid in the cartridge is atomized to form smoke and aerosol, which envelop the chemicals in the cartridge, and are then inhaled by the smoker, creating an experience similar to smoking a cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes that use ultrasonic waves as atomizer devices can effectively reduce the temperature and reduce the production of toxic substances.Electronic cigarettes can help you quit smoking. Some electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine. You can see the cool and fashionable packaging, and the experience of changing tastes can reduce your dependence on traditional cigarettes, so as to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking.

E-cigarettes are less harmful to passive smokers.and more and more people chose CBD or THC vape right now,so a good CBD device and THC device is more and more important. Indeed, e-cigarettes release 98% less harmful components than traditional cigarettes, and exhaled aerosols are less polluting to the environment, reducing particulate matter, carcinogens, and metal elements. Flue gas significantly reduces total particulates and biological toxicity.

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